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Picotte weddings and photography

As an established name in the wedding industry, we here at Picotte Weddings are proud to announce the arrival of our new site. With this re-launch comes a swathe of new offerings as we seek to be the very best wedding service in Sydney.

Over the years, Max helped hundreds of couples celebrate their most special of days and with daughters Chloe and Georgia joining the family business it is time to expand our service so that many more couples can enjoy a new level of service.

Max is of course the core of our wedding planning service. With his years of experience he understands the needs of couples and indeed the opportunities available within Sydney. His specialisation is bespoke, traditional weddings that place the emphasis and focus upon the couple first. Max uses the beautiful backdrop of the city to highlight the love of his clients and is able to organise everything for your wedding all the way down to flowers, music, receptions and even honeymoon locations.


Chloe is a celebrated photographer with years of experience in fashion and wedding photography. Chloe brings to the team a wealth of information and an uncanny eye for beauty. She has helped hundreds of couples capture timeless elegance and love in her photography.

Georgia is the youngest of the Picotte team though is already making herself well-known in the wedding planning industry. As a regular offsider to Max, Georgia is developing her wedding planning skills at an amazing pace as she looks to become the head of Picotte Wedding planning in the future. In addition to this, Georgia also offers her incredible cinematography skills and has videoed countless weddings through he family business.

I hope that you are as excited as us in the re-launch of our family business. Our site will be redeveloped over the coming months and this blog will serve to act as a source for information for our clients and for anyone contemplating a wedding in the city area.

Stay tuned!