Non-traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

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Sometimes, a traditional wedding is just not your style. You just aren’t in to the long, white dress and tux or the formal feel of a traditional wedding. So, what do you do about your bridesmaids? If you aren’t wearing a formal gown, they shouldn’t have to either right? Right. But, how do you know what to have them wear? Here are some ideas to help you plan the right bridesmaid dress or outfit for your non-traditional wedding day!

Remember your theme. If you are getting married at the lake or beach, don’t put your bridesmaids in long pants and a sweater. But, if you are getting married in the snow, that is the way to go. Try to plan their outfits to match your theme, no matter what it is. Even if you are having a non-traditional wedding, you still want their outfits to compliment yours.

Look at your outfit. When you are trying to decide what your bridesmaids will wear, think about what you will wear to your wedding. You can always find tops and bottoms that match yours, with a little color or style difference that makes them match yours, but allows you to still stand out. Finding outfits or dresses that compliment yours will help your non-traditional wedding to look organized, and not just thrown together at the last minute.

Color is everything. When you’re choosing your bridesmaid outfits, remember what colors you are using in your wedding, even if it’s a non-traditional wedding. Don’t purchase neon colors or outrageous colors that will clash with what you are wearing or cause controversy during your wedding day. So, remember when you see those hot pink pants that they might not be the right thing for your wedding party to wear.

Style means a lot. You don’t want to put your bridesmaids in anything that will make them feel uncomfortable or that will make your guests uncomfortable either. So, when you are shopping, keep that in mind. If one of your bridesmaids is a little overweight, don’t pick out shorts and a halter top for her. You don’t want to make them feel bad in the outfit that you pick out for them, you want them to look good as well.

Talk to your bridesmaids about the outfits that you are thinking of. You might even load them all up and hit the stores to see what you can all find together. Having several sets of eyes and minds can help you to make some great choices when it comes to finding the right non-traditional bridesmaid dresses or outfits for your big day!

Today, anything can be a wedding party outfit or dress from sundresses to shorts and tank tops. With the non-traditional weddings growing faster than the traditional ones, you still want your day to be special and just as beautifully put together as a formal wedding day is. So, be sure that you shop around, get your bridesmaids involved with the decisions, and have fun creating a truly unique, truly “you” day!