Wedding Videographer

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A video is an excellent way of capturing wedding details, allowing the couple and their guests to relive the event in quieter moments for years to come. A couple that would like a video of their wedding can decide to ask a friend to help or employ a professional. But before making any of these decisions, ensure that your wedding venues allows videography. If videography is permitted, find out if there will be any additional charge levied by the venue.

Using A Friend

If your budget is limited or if a video of your day is desirable but not essential, you may consider having a competent and willing friend shoot your video. These days, many people own hand held video cameras, and some are reasonably competent with the equipment. However, do not have high expectations of the final result. If your wedding is the first that your friend will shoot, it will almost certainly look like it when you view the video!

Using A Professional

If having a high quality video of your wedding is important to you and you have the budget, you should employ a professional videographer. Each videographer has their own particular style and no two wedding videos will be the same. As well as styles varying, so do prices.

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There is no standard charge for professional videographers. You will find that prices range from a few hundred pounds, for part-time professionals using semi-professional equipment, to a few thousand pounds for the most experienced videographers that use broadcast quality equipment and employ several camera operators and crew. Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for, although you should expect to get a good final product by paying in the range £500 to £,000.

Before you visit or speak to a videographer, give some thought to the style you would like. Perhaps you would be happy with the standard wedding video style or maybe you’d prefer a fly-on-the-wall, documentary style production using more than one camera (it is usually very evident if a video has been made using just one or more than one camera).

You may like to have a video of just your reception, just the ceremony or a record of the whole day, including the bride and groom preparing and ending with the last dance.

When To Book

As wedding videography is seasonal, the most popular and experienced videographers will be booked many months or more ahead, especially during the busy months of May to September. Therefore, it is advisable to make enquiries as soon as you have booked your venues to avoid disappointment.

Other Considerations

A complaint that is common in relation to videographers is that they scuttle around during the ceremony and cause a distraction. For this reason, many are put off having a video altogether. This need not be the case. It is important to clarify from the start the amount of intrusion you are prepared to tolerate within your wedding service. This is especially important if your wedding ceremony is to be held in church. Many ministers are not very indulgent of videographers, especially those that make a nuisance of themselves.

By planning the way the videographer records your celebrations, you will have a varied and complete record of your special day.