Should Your Wedding Be Simple or Extravagant?

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Regardless of your budget, you can make your dream wedding elegant. Styles differ from one bride to another. Whether you want your wedding and reception to be simple or extravagant is up to you as a couple. You aren’t expected to do what everyone else does. You are only expected to make your wedding day your day and your style. First you need to decide on your preference then agree on what your budget allows. Many brides have expensive taste but have little money to work with. On the other hand, you may both have families that are willing to contribute.

If you are a shy person you may prefer to make this special occasion simple yet having an elegant theme. If simplicity is your choice, then having only one or two bridesmaids makes sense. A wedding is a cherished moment so you may only want to share with your close family and a few friends.

This choice makes for easier planning, less stress, and allows for more focus on the couple and the reason why two are becoming one. At the reception, you may wish to have a simple meal, only few decorations and a small, modest cake to keep it simple. This gives opportunity for guests to enjoy themselves by dancing and conversing as well as giving the bride and groom a chance to individually thank their guests.

Simple can describe everything the wedding will entail, including the gown, hair, and makeup. It may also include more abstract things such as the decorations and the reception menu. Often it comes down to budget and / or personality choices.

Some women have always anticipated this time to be private and only shared with their closest loved ones. If this is your choice, a small, quiet ceremony will be your preference. Remember though, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. Remember the old saying; “sometimes less is more”.

On the other hand, if money is no object, you can go many steps farther into the realm of extravagant. Always keep in mind that this is the day you have always dreamed about. So take the steps needed to make everything perfect. If you want luxury all the way and you have the budget, go for it!

Extravagant choices can touch every aspect of your wedding, from your wedding gown, your engagement ring all the way to several courses for the meal. Pamper your guests in style with the best of everything. Think like a famous person and get everything they’ve wished for when it comes to their wedding, reception and honeymoon. Imagine a beautiful five tier cake standing proudly for your guests to enjoy. Some have added great fanfare by having doves released during the ceremony to add a touch of flare to the day.

If you opt for an extravagant theme it may mean having several in your bridal party and inviting as many guests as you have friends. A wonderful touch if you can afford it, is hiring the best caterers, photographers and musicians in the area. Don your groom and groomsmen in top hats and canes.

It always make a lasting impression. Wouldn’t it be a dream to arrive in a horse drawn carriage at a luxurious location of your dreams? Make it the most memorable occasion that you and your guests will never forget. If you have the resources to splurge, run with it! Make all your fantasies come true!