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Wedding Videographer

                      A video is an excellent way of capturing wedding details, allowing the couple and their guests to relive the event in quieter moments for years to come. A couple that would like a video of their wedding can decide to ask a friend to […]

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Non-traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

                      Sometimes, a traditional wedding is just not your style. You just aren’t in to the long, white dress and tux or the formal feel of a traditional wedding. So, what do you do about your bridesmaids? If you aren’t wearing a formal gown, they […]

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Should Your Wedding Be Simple or Extravagant?

                      Regardless of your budget, you can make your dream wedding elegant. Styles differ from one bride to another. Whether you want your wedding and reception to be simple or extravagant is up to you as a couple. You aren’t expected to do what everyone […]

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Wedding Planning Overview

What do I wear? Of course what you wear for your wedding is entirely up to you and there are no real dress rules if you are marrying in the grounds of your hotel. However, if you have arranged for a religious service in a chapel or church you will most likely be expected to […]

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